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Facilitating Events


What does a Facilitator do and how can a Facilitator benefit your organisation?

A Facilitator is an individual who enables groups and organisations to work more effectively, collaborate and achieve synergy.   The Facilitator’s role is to make it easier for the group to arrive at its own answer, decision or deliverable.   He or she is a ‘content neutral’ party who, by not taking sides or expressing a point of view during the meeting, can advocate for fair, open and inclusive procedures to accomplish the group’s work.


I facilitate events for between 6 and 400 people.  The events include conferences and team-building away-days.

If you would like to discuss how I could facilitate your event, please contact Epoc Careers & Training.

Facilitating events, Frances Scott, Epoc Careers & Training

‘Thought this was a fantastic event, well worth the fee.  It was not only professionally organised but I felt you enabled students to gain a very good feel of why they mightn’t want to go on to study law.  I felt you were genuinely concerned about helping students make the right choices for them.’
A.M. (Careers Adviser at Badminton School)

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