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360 degree feedback, Frances Scott, Epoc

360-Degree Feedback


If you would like to discuss how you could assist your managers with 360-Degree Feedback, please contact Epoc Careers & Training.


What is 360-Degree Feedback?

360-Degree Feedback gathers views from ‘all around’ an employee at work, i.e. from his/her manager, team, peers, customers and other senior managers.

It is a powerful tool that is often used to improve leadership and team working abilities.

360-Degree Feedback allows a participant to explore his/her own behaviours and blind spots in a more profound and rigorous way than is possible with manager feedback alone. This is because it gives a range of credible perspectives with detailed and specific information.

Ideally, the feedback is given to the recipient by a skilled coach.  I have coached over 200 managers who have completed their 360-degree feedback questionnaires.

I have experience of  several 360-degree feedback tools.

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