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Coaching skills, Frances Scott, Epoc Careers & Training

‘An enjoyable, informative and extremely useful 2 days.’



One-to-One Coaching (also known as Business Coaching and Executive Coaching)


I have over 4,000 hours of experience as a coach.  I have helped people through many types of work-place challenges including:

  • Leadership style

  • Dealing with emotions e.g: anger, frustration and impatience

  • Managing time and prioritising effectively

  • Dealing with conflict and opposition

  • Managing poor performance

  • Dealing with senior managers – influencing

  • Career development

  • Outplacement for imminent redundancy




The people I coach tell me that they find the experience useful and enjoyable.  From the beginning, I start to build rapport and clarify expectations for the coaching.  My aim is to understand the individuals and their organisations, and to help them to find the answers to their issues.  In this way, I guide the discussion to important areas.

I adapt my coaching technique to one that best suits the individual.  I encourage the people I coach to take responsibility for their situations and actions.  When appropriate, I make practical suggestions for them to consider, and ask challenging questions in a sensitive and direct manner.  As a coaching session draws to its conclusion, I help them to summarise the main points and develop action plans.

For more information, please contact Epoc Careers & Training.

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