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MBBS Medical degree qualification
BMAT, UKCAT BioMedical Admissions Test, UK Clinical Aptitude Test.  These are admissions test that many medical schools require undergraduate applicants to take as part of the admissions process.
Problem based learning (PBL) Students are set a problem medical scenario.   They research it using independent, self-directed study before returning to a tutorial group to discuss their acquired knowledge.
Systems based learning (SBL) Students are taught about the body’s major organ systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal and liver, musculo-skeletal, skin, nervous, genitourinary, endocrine, reproductive, haematology, immunology
Multi professional learning Multi or inter professional learning involves two or more professions learning the same content side-by-side
Student Selected Components (SSC) Also known as Student Selected Modules (SSMs).  These are in-depth study modules that medical students take to complement their core studies.   SSCs can be project based or course based.
Elective Medical students gain clinical experience in unfamiliar conditions, often in another country
Dissection Groups of students cut open a cadaver (dead human body) to see the anatomy and understand how the human body fits together
Prosection Students study a clearly defined anatomical specimen that has been previously professionally dissected out and prepared by an anatomy teacher
EPPs Exposure Prone Procedures are procedures where there is a risk that a communicable disease could be passed from the student / doctor to the patient
Intercalated degree Just over 1/3 of British medical students study for an additional year to gain an intercalated degree (usually a BSc or a BMedSci). This is usually done after completing the second or third year of medicine.   This enables the student to develop in-depth research skills in an area of interest. There are many intercalated degree topics available.

Observed, Structured Clinical Examinations

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