What Did Students Say About the Conferences They Attended?

Improve Your Chances of Becoming a Doctor

Scores from the evaluation forms:

27 February 2016

  • 100% found the conference beneficial
  • 97% wrote that the conference addressed issues that they wanted to know about
  • 100% would recommend the conference to friends
  • 97% thought the conference would help their university applications
  • 100% enjoyed the event


Comments from evaluation forms:

I have written to email you to express how much I enjoyed that talk and how informative, practical and overall worthwhile it was. I would like to thank you for organising such an important event and I am very grateful to be able to say that I attended it. The talk has inspired me to hit the ground running and try all opportunities I can for work experience. L.G. (Student at St Edmund’s) 28.1.17

Very enjoyable and helpful.  It has given me important information on finding work experience. A.L. (Student at Kings High Warwick) 27.2.16 

‘The talk on interview preparation and practice was so helpful.  I feel like I can handle myself better now.’ P.S. (Student based in Germany) 27.2.16

‘We learnt about the UKCAT and I feel much more confident’ F.S. (Student at Sixth Form College) 27.2.16

It was a wonderful and helpful experience. C.O. (Student at Runshaw College) 27.2.16

Excellent – Well done for excellent content and good value for money. Thank you. S.J. (Father of a student at Stanwell High School, Penarth) 30.1.16

I would like to thank you lots for providing me with the essentials.  I also feel more confident with visiting places and meeting people I’ve never met. 🙂 H.S. (Student at King Edward VI Aston) 30.1.16

The conference has been amazing, gave me so much information and enlightened me on many issues I didn’t know about. A.A. (Student at Tollbar Sixth Form College) 31.1.15

As a parent, I found the course very informative and reassuring… H.F. (Parent of a student at Sir Roger Manwood’s School) 31.1.15

Very useful, has given me a more realistic vision of medicine. E.C. (Student at Alton College) 31.1.15

The event was worth the £89. M.C. (Student at Bishop Stortford College) 31.1.15

It was absolutely BRILLIANT!  I loved it so much.  It made a large impact on my view on medicine and was extremely informative.  Thank you so much for putting this on.  E.A-K. (Student at Xaverian College Manchester) 29.3.14

🙂   🙂   🙂  P.A. (Student at Walthamstow Academy) 8.2.14

The event has aided me into picking medicine and feeling more confident about my decisions.  E.G. (Student at Business Academy Bexley) 8.2.14

Worth the money. Exceeded expectations!  T.Z. (Student at The German School, London) 8.2.14

Excellent, well run and extremely informative. H.C. (Mother attending with daughter) 8.2.14

Amazing! Would definitely recommend to a friend. Thanks.  H.E. (Student at Olchfa Comprehensive School) 8.2.14

This event was better than Medlink’s because we were able to have conversations with medical students one-to-one, which you couldn’t do at Medlink.  Z.T. (Student at Rugby High School) 8.2.14

Thanks for a lovely, informative day and unfaltering hospitality. L.Z. (Student at Walton High School, Staffordshire) 9.3.13

It was greatly useful! And I got exactly what I came for!  L.A. (Student at Shelley College, Huddersfield) 9.3.13

Really useful. Would definitely recommend it as it anticipated and answered all of the questions I might have had.  V.M. (St Edward’s RC/CE VA School, Dorset) 9.2.13

Enjoyable and informative. T.C. (Careers Teacher at Notre Dame Girls’ School, London) 9.2.13

I thought it was worth my time and money.  I would definitely recommend it to others interested in medicine.  T.M. (Student at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar) 11.2.12

Talking to the medical students was fascinating and informative.  They were fantastically helpful.  F.B. (Student at Gamely House Convent School) 11.2.12

I very much enjoyed this.  It was perfect for the information was understandable and clear.  This has confirmed my decision to do medicine in the future.  Thank you. S.E.A. (Student at European School, Brussels) 11.2.12

This was better than Medlink. Equally as informative, but shorter. W.S. (Student at Highcliffe School) 11.2.12

My daughter was probably the youngest attending, year 10, but it was ideal in helping her decide if medicine is the right path and ensuring she makes the right educational choices to get there.  A.F. (Mother of a student at Balshaw’s CE High School) 3.3.12

I really enjoyed the day.  The experience was very informative and useful.  M.A. (Student at Queen Elizabeths Boys School.) 19.2.11

Excellent, informative and inspirational. Confirmed my aspirations to become a doctor. S.R. (Student at Gravesend Grammar School.) 19.2.11

A really good day. Many thanks! Miss G (Teacher) 19.2.11

I attended your “Becoming a Doctor” course in Manchester.  I just wanted to say how much I have learnt from it.  I feel even more motivated towards my goal of studying medicine, even though I now fully understand the huge amounts of work and commitment involved! Thank you so much for arranging it. M.R. (Student at Tarporley High School.) 5.3.11

Great speakers and well organised N.C. (Student at Queen Marys High School) 5.3.11

I think it is an excellent opportunity that I would recommend to anyone considering medicine.  J.C. (Student at Lakers School.) 2.4.11

Most information I have received. They really knew what they were talking about. N.H. (Student at Sussex Downs College) 2.3.11

Loved it, very helpful : )   K.R. (Student at Harlington Upper School.) 2.4.11


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