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Improve Your Chances of Becoming a Doctor

The conference is designed around a series of multi-media presentations and interactive sessions delivered by doctors, medical students and a careers adviser.

You have opportunities to ask questions throughout the conference. You will also interpret medical photos, hear about medical cases and are welcome to look around the university.

We cover topics such as:

Is Medicine Right For You?

  • Good reasons for wanting to study medicine
  • Skills, attributes and values of successful doctors
  • Taking a gap year
  • Retakes
  • Is your age an issue?


Choice of Medical Schools

  • Choosing the right medical school for you
  • Entry requirements
  • Foundation year
  • Systems or problem based
  • Intercalated degrees
  • Making an informed choice


Admissions Tests

  • Overview of UKCAT and BMAT
  • Common mistakes made by candidates
  • How to prepare
  • Tips and strategies
  • How universities use your scores
  • Practice questions


UCAS Applications

  • University selection process
  • Maximising your chances of acceptance
  • How admissions tutors score your UCAS form
  • Gaining work experience
  • Personal statements
  • References



  • What interviewers look for
  • Examples of interview questions
  • Good technique
  • Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)
  • Preparing for interviews and MMIs
  • Practice and get feedback on your style


Life at Medical School

  • Day to day life of being a medical student
  • Amount of time medical students devote to their studies
  • Social life and sporting activities
  • Doing your elective abroad
  • Student finances and debts


The Path to Becoming a Doctor: Medical Careers

  • Career paths – the wide range of specialities
  • Your earning potential – salaries
  • Where are doctors employed?
  • The future of medicine
  • Balancing a career in medicine with family life
  • Exams to become a consultant
  • Working abroad



  • Your options if you do not get into medicine
  • Your interests, health related careers
  • Six ways to maximise your chances of success


98.0% of attendees wrote that they enjoyed the event

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