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Improve Your Chances of Becoming a Lawyer

The conference is designed around a series of multi-media presentations and interactive sessions, delivered by qualified solicitors, barristers, law students and a careers adviser. You have opportunities to ask questions throughout the conference and look around the university.

We cover topics such as:

Is Law Right For You?

  • Good reasons for wanting to study law
  • Skills, attributes and values of successful lawyers
  • Taking a gap year
  • Retakes


Choosing Universities

  • Differences between the various universities
  • Choosing the right university for you
  • Law degree curriculum and options
  • Entry requirements
  • Entrance exams for law schools
  • Geography
  • The curriculum
  • Campus or city university
  • Useful web addresses
  • Making an informed choice


Applications and University Admissions Tests

  • University selection process
  • Maximising your chances of acceptance
  • Succeeding with LNAT
  • How admissions tutors score your UCAS form



  • What interviewers look for
  • Examples of interview questions
  • Good interview technique
  • How to prepare for your interview
Life at University

  • Day to day life of being a law student
  • The amount of time students devote to their studies
  • Social life and sporting activities
  • Student finances and debts
  • Career timetable – what you need to do and when
  • Exams for law students


The Path to Becoming a Lawyer

  • What graduate recruiters look for
  • Career paths open to lawyers – the wide range of specialities
  • Day to day life of being a solicitor or barrister
  • Your earning potential as a lawyer – salaries
  • Where are lawyers employed – other than law firms
  • The future of law – changes and trends
  • Balancing a career with family life



  • Your options if you do not get into law
  • Your interests and related careers
  • Six ways to maximise your chances of success

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