Booking Terms

The following terms and conditions apply:

  1. This event is organised by EPOC Careers Conferences.
  2. The email address you give us will be used to convey essential information to you.  It is your responsibility to ensure this email address is valid and checked on a regular basis.
    If you change your email address, it is your responsibility to give us your new contact details.
  3. Payment is required in advance of the event.
  4. EPOC Careers Conferences will never sell or trade your personal information – such as email addresses or other contact details.
  5. Cheques should be made payable to Epoc Careers & Training.
  6. For each place booked, we will send a ticket by email. The ticket has full details of the venue.
    For postal bookings, we will send your ticket within five working days of receipt of your application form and payment.
    For online bookings, you will receive an automated confirmation of your booking immediately after payment; your ticket will be sent within one month.  In all cases, we will send your ticket in good time before the event.
  7. If the event is fully booked before the receipt of your application, your payment will be refunded in full.
  8. Substitute delegates will be accepted at any time.  Email us to let us know if you are going to give your ticket to someone else.  We need to know the names of attendees for safety reasons.
  9. There will be a vegetarian option for lunch. We are unable to cater for specific diets. We cannot guarantee that any of the food products will be nut or allergen free.  Attendees are welcome to bring their own food if they do not wish to eat the food provided.
  10. Cancellations: To cancel a place, you must notify us by email.
    No refunds can be made within 28 days of the event.
    When cancellations are made before the 28 days, Epoc will send a refund of £70.00.  (The non-refundable part of the fee is used to cover Epoc Careers Conferences’ administration.)
    To obtain the refund, your email should include: the name of the person whose place is being cancelled, the date of the Careers Conference, the name of the person who paid for the place and the postal address of the person who paid for the place.
    *  If you booked by sending us a cheque, we will issue your refund by posting a cheque to you.
    *  If you cancel within 60 days of booking online, we will issue a refund to your payment card.
    *  If you cancel 60 days or more after booking online, we will issue your refund as a money transfer via Paypal. We will send the transfer to the email address you used when you paid online. If you don’t already have a Paypal account linked to that address, you may need to set one up to receive your refund.  We apologise if this seems complex; it is a requirement of our card service provider.
  11. Transfers: If you wish to transfer a booked place to a different Epoc Careers Conference within the same academic year, you should notify us by email. Our charge for these transfers is £15.00 per place.  Make cheques payable to Epoc Careers & Training. However, please contact us first because it is not always possible to transfer a place to another event.
  12. EPOC Careers Conferences is not liable for travel expenses or any other costs incurred by delegates in attending the event.
  13. Delegates are expected to behave responsibly at all times. Activity that causes or could cause disturbance to other people may result in instant dismissal from the event. In such a case, no refund would be made.
  14. EPOC Careers Conferences cannot accept any responsibility for items lost or mislaid while you attend an event.
  15. EPOC Careers Conferences cannot accept any responsibility for accidents or injuries sustained while attending an event.
  16. Any delegate causing loss or damage to persons or property will be held liable for the damage they have caused.
  17. EPOC Careers Conferences may need to change the venue, running order and / or speakers and reserves the right to do so.  We will endeavour to ensure the content of the event is as advertised and would only make changes if there were unforeseen circumstances.
  18. Our speakers talk about their own experiences and opinions.  EPOC Careers Conferences is not responsible for their comments or for any decisions you make consequent to the event.
  19. No video or audio recordings are permitted during the event.
  20. EPOC Careers Conferences reserves the right to cancel the event and refund the cost of your ticket(s), without liability to you.   We would only do this in extremely adverse circumstances.


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